Zenless Zone Zero Release Date: Dive Into the Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

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What Is the Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay?

zenless zone zero

Belle and Wise explore deadly supernatural phenomena known as Hollows in their capacity as Proxies. These are rifts that spread, forming warped realms inhabited by creatures known as The Ethereal.

Belle and Wise accept risky commissions in Hollows through the Inter-Knot, an online help-seeking network used by the people of New Eridu. Aside from commissions, the siblings run their joint video store and meet up with their Sixth Street neighbors for rewards from arcade minigames, equipment upgrades, and fight buffs.


Fans of Genshin Impact may recognize Zenless Zone Zero’s visual aesthetic, but the location suggests a more future, metropolitan aesthetic. With “a fluid, cinematic, action-oriented combat system,” as advertised by HoYoverse, players will be able to take control of various characters in a manner reminiscent of Genshin Impact. To enhance their performance, you can further personalize your characters with Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo and Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drives.

In Hollow Zero, a roguelike game mode with randomly generated floors, opponents, and rewards, you may put your Zenless Zone Zero team comp to the test while you’re not playing through the main plot and side objectives. To survive Hollow Zero, you’ll need some rather strong units. For a solid starting lineup, have a look at our Zenless Zone Zero builds for Billy, Nicole, and Anby.

That’s all the information we currently have about the action-adventure game Zenless Zone Zero’s estimated release date. To find out if your PC can handle Zenless Zone Zero and whether Zenless Zone Zero will be available on Steam anytime soon, make sure to review the game’s system requirements in the interim.

When Is the Next Zenless Zone Zero Closed Beta?

We’re not sure when registration for the next Zenless Zone Zero closed beta will open, so if you missed the first one, it’s now open. As of yet, there is no official release date for ZZZ, so make sure to bookmark this page and return for any upcoming beta tests.

Zenless Zone Zero Trailers

The announcement film features conflicts in the expansive city of New Eridu, amid streets drenched by rain and industrial buildings. A variety of ranged and melee Zenless Zone Zero weaponry, such as swords, twin pistols, axes, and heavy machine guns, are shown being wielded by Zenless Zone Zero characters.

The tale divides the characters into factions or alignments, but you can mix and match them to make the most effective four-unit squad. Check out our Zenless Zone Zero tier list to see which units are the best since there are currently 14 playable characters available, with more to be added in future releases.

During The Game Awards, a trailer for Zenless Zone Zero’s release date announcement was shown. It includes the Belobog Heavy Industries, the Victoria Housekeeping Co., and the Cunning Hares, also referred to as Gentle House, the three primary factions that are present in the plot in the beginning. The pursuit of Belle and Wise, the two playable heroes who balance managing the Random Play video store with their double life as a Proxy under the alias Phaethon, brings these sides together.


Zenless Zone Zero promises an unparalleled entertainment journey with captivating movie reviews, celebrity interviews, and gaming adventures. The gameplay follows siblings Belle and Wise as Proxies exploring deadly Hollows. The game features a futuristic aesthetic, akin to Genshin Impact, with a dynamic combat system. Hollow Zero, a roguelike mode, challenges players to test their team’s strength. While the release date remains unknown, stay tuned for beta announcements and system requirements. Trailers showcase conflicts in New Eridu, diverse weapons, and factions. The story revolves around Belle and Wise’s double life, managing a video store and tackling supernatural phenomena.

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