Shield Hero Season 4 Expectations: A Diplomatic Journey to Q’ten Lo and Beyond

Based on a series of books by Aneko Yusagi of the same name, The Rising of the Shield Hero is a well-known anime series. It tells the story of Naofumi Iwatani, a young man called to a separate world to battle the Catastrophe Waves as a Cardinal Hero. Sadly, he must start anew after being duped by the princess and another hero.

Naofumi, nonetheless, perseveres. Working hard, he develops into a powerful and well-liked hero. Additionally, he becomes close friends with Melty, Filo, and Raphtalia.

Following the conclusion of the third season of the show, viewers are eagerly awaiting word about the next fourth season. Everything we know about The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4—the actors, the story, and more—will be covered in this blog post.

Who Will Be in The Cast of The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 4?

shield hero season 4 release date

The key actors from The Rising of the Shield Hero are set to come back for Season Four. This includes:

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What Can We Expect from Season 4 of The Rising of The Shield Hero?

shield hero season 4 release date

Regarding the plot and other specifics, we don’t currently know what will happen in the anime’s fourth season. But it’s anticipated that the narrative from Volume 13 will continue in the fourth season. There will also be a lot of attention paid to the Phoenix Attack that was mentioned after the third season.

The magician told Naofumi that the Phoenix Attack would be led by an enigmatic entity who wanted to destroy the community. Naofumi and the other Heroes are preparing for the attack, but he has no idea who this strange entity is or what their intentions are.

It is said that this impending challenge would be the most difficult one the Heroes have faced so far. The identity and goals of the enigmatic person who has been endangering the community will probably be revealed in the fourth season. It should be interesting to see Naofumi and this unidentified person square off.

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Recap of Episode 12 in Season 3 of The Rising of The Shield Hero

shield hero season 4 release date

At the start of the tale, Sadeena is having a drink with Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Gaelin in her secret hideout. Naofumi advises that Gaelin should use this hidden location to teach him the Way of the Dragon Vein without Atla getting in the way. Afterward, Naofumi muses on whether to use Gaelin’s blessing to make the Way of the Dragon Vein accessible to all.

Erhard brings Raphtalia the new garments Naofumi requested when he arrives in Lurolona Village. He is adamant that she will only wear these from now on. But as soon as Sadeena notices Raphtalia’s new robes, she orders her to change.

It is explained by Sadeena that Raphtalia is making a dangerous declaration by dressing in this way, implying that she is putting herself in line for a position of power abroad. The room in which Raphtalia is changing bursts into flames, and they find themselves under attack by enigmatic men dressed in black, who are very opposed to Raphtalia ascending to the throne.

Even with their greatest efforts, Naofumi’s group is unable to repel the invaders. Naofumi and Raphtalia respond by using choral magic to confuse their attackers.

The reason behind the attempted assassination of Raphtalia is revealed. Raphtalia was targeted by the Q’ten Lo assassins, according to Sadeena, since she belonged to the Q’ten Lo royal family. It is considered a direct threat to the empress title and an act of war against their country to wear the robes of the Heavenly Empress.

Sadeena discloses that Raphtalia’s parents fled Q’ten Lo and took sanctuary in Melromarc to raise her because of disagreements regarding the emperor to coming. Entrusted with keeping the members of the royal family safe, Sadeena fled with them and helped raise Raphtalia.

Naofumi, incensed at the incident, decides to journey to Q’ten Lo to hold talks with their kingdom. But should diplomacy fail, he is ready to use force in an attempt to decisively subdue them.

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Where to Watch Shield Hero Season 4?

shield hero season 4 release date

“The Rising of the Shield Hero” is an anime series that was available for streaming on various platforms. However, the availability of content on streaming platforms can change, and new services may have emerged since then.

To find out where to watch “The Rising of the Shield Hero” in your region and at the current date, I recommend checking popular streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix. Additionally, some platforms may have acquired the streaming rights for the series in specific regions.

You can also check official websites and social media pages associated with the anime or contact local streaming services for the most up-to-date information on where to watch the series.


The article discusses expectations for Season 4 of “The Rising of the Shield Hero.” Key cast members are set to return, including Kaito Ishikawa as Naofumi Iwatani. The plot may focus on the Phoenix Attack, an impending challenge, and the identity of an enigmatic entity. The recap of Season 3 Episode 12 reveals an attempted assassination of Raphtalia. The streaming platforms for Season 4 are likely to include Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix.

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