Percy Jackson Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Not Every Monster Is a Monster

Several significant plot points and character and world revelations from the third episode of Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians were unveiled. There are episode three spoilers in this article for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 3 Recap

percy jackson season 1 episode 3 recap

Episode 3 Recap of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Not Every Monster Is a Monster
To find out his objective, Percy first meets with the Oracle, who appears to him as his shady stepfather Gabe (Timm Sharp). Percy needs to meet “the god who has turned” and see the lightning bolt safely returned, according to the Oracle’s prophecy. This gives the show a foreboding atmosphere that lingers throughout, despite Percy’s mockingly snarky demeanor.

From here on, Percy’s interactions with the people he meets along the way are subtly impacted by the person he initially seems to trust: Luke (Charlie Bushnell). The recognizable winged shoes, a sign of “friendship” that feels more like a tool for convincing Percy to accept them, are offered to him to help.

Percy Chooses Annabeth & Grover For His Quest

Percy chooses Grover and Annabeth in their place, even though their chats while driving give off an air of intimidation.

Annabeth learns that Alecto (Megan Mullally) is truly following them when the three of them board the bus, and this realization develops the underlying feelings that both Percy and Annabeth start to share. Grover continues to act as their mediator and adds some lighthearted humor with his song about friendship, but their intense secrecy about each other and the deals they make heightens the emotional effect.

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Percy and Annabeth’s Struggles

percy jackson season 1 episode 3 recap

The core of Percy and Annabeth’s personalities from Riordan’s book is captured in their frequent outbursts that take place in between action scenes. Their mistrust, which is driven by their estranged parental connections, offers the episode a moral framework to think about.

They unintentionally arrive at Medusa’s homestead, and Alecto follows them (a new move created for the show not found in the books!) as the monsters of the world continue to try to turn them against one another.

Medusa’s presence offers the group and the show as a whole a thought-provoking idea: even though she was called and changed into a monster because of her deeds with Poseidon and Athena, she still sees herself as a victim of the gods’ bullying.

Even though Annabeth doesn’t know her mother, she doesn’t think this because she believes what her mother says. The episode’s ominous atmosphere is increased by Medusa’s need for Percy to rescue her from her predicament, offering him a similar bargain that Alecto struck with Annabeth.

This all comes to a horrifying head in which Grover, Annabeth, and Percy must learn to cooperate despite their mistrust of one another. Grover bravely chooses to confront their split to dispel this mistrust, which is furthered by the might of Alecto and Medusa.

The bond that the three will have on their journey to the Underworld is poignantly highlighted by this difficult yet poignant moment, which is further enhanced when their scheme to stop Medusa is carried out, complete with daring stunts. However, Grover discovering his Uncle Ferdinand’s remains throws the show into a sudden emotional turn that allows the viewer to completely experience moments of melancholy.

Where can I watch Percy Jackson season 1?

Disney+ offers the ability to view episodes 1-3 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians online. Up to January 30, the remaining five episodes will be shown once a week.

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Episode 3 Recap and Review of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode does a fantastic job of setting the foundation for Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. It also imparts a valuable lesson about identity and trust that will undoubtedly ring true with viewers as the three continue their journey.

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