One Piece Episode 1089 Manga Spoilers: New Challenges and Character Introductions

There are new challenges and new characters in the Egghead Island Arc. What we now know about the next excursion is as follows.

The Egghead Island story arc of One Piece anime has finally begun. The anime looks to start deluging us with more details and character introductions from this point on. Here is all the information you need to know about One Piece Episode 1089, which is scheduled to be released on January 1, 2024.

Spoilers from the Manga: What to expect next?

One Piece Episode 1089’s story will continue where Chapter 1060 of the manga leaves off. Here, a furious argument amongst the Straw Hat crew occurs after Luffy learns of Sabo’s purported role in the murder of King Cobra and the disappearance of Vivi. Luffy passionately disputes Sabo’s guilt.

one piece episode 1089 manga spoilers

Robin argues that the World Nobles, not ordinary monarchs, are the Revolutionary Army’s aim while endorsing Luffy. Meanwhile, word of Sabo’s whereabouts reaches Marine HQ, raising fears among the Five Elders. In a conversation with the Revolutionary Army, Sabo refutes the charges but discloses a startling discovery: a person seated on the Empty Throne. Sabo’s future is unknown as the Elders remove any evidence of the Lulusia Kingdom from the world.

A few days later, Jewelry Bonney is rescued by the crew from an underwater monster that is following them on a stormy winter island. Chaos breaks out as tensions increase due to the arrival of a massive metal shark. Bonney reveals that she is seeking retribution from Dr. Vegapunk for changing her father Kuma.

While Dr. Vegapunk herself is piloting a powerful robot, Jinbe saves Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney. As the group discovers a holographic theme park and Bonney searches for Vegapunk for personal reasons, the stage is set for unforeseen meetings and possible conflicts with the World Government.

One Piece Episode 1089: Previous Episode Recap

One Piece Episode 1088 was titled ‘Luffy’s Dream.’ The joint attack of Amazon Lily by the Marines and Blackbeard Pirates is successfully repelled by Hancock and the Kuja Pirates, with the help of Rayleigh and Shakuyaku. Hancock promises to undo the petrification that Blackbeard’s crew endured to broker a peace agreement. Rejecting the proposition, Blackbeard is dubious about her Yami Yami no Mi powers.

one piece episode 1089 manga spoilers

Both sides are forced to retreat when Rayleigh steps in with Haoshoku Haki, but Blackbeard kidnaps Koby in the process. Following this, the Kuja Pirates are afraid of the unharmed Marine Seraphims and identify a face that looks like a young Hancock. Concurrently, the Revolutionary Army is informed of Sabo’s safety following their unfounded accusations of Vivi’s kidnapping and King Cobra’s murder.

The Straw Hat Pirates lament Cobra’s passing and voice their worries about Vivi. Zoro, on the other hand, suggests waiting since he thinks it’s too early. Reflecting on his relationship with Ace and Sabo while on the Thousand Sunny, Luffy reveals an even bigger dream to his crew, eliciting a range of responses from shock and admiration to support and disbelief. This area will be updated with all pertinent updates as they become available.

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Where to watch

January 7, 2024, is the date of One Piece Episode 1089’s final release. On Crunchyroll‘s official sites, you can find every episode of the series.


Fans are excited to finally see Luffy in action again after seeing the promo for chapter 1089. Gorosei Jaygarcia Saturn, Admiral Kizaru, and a sizable naval force oppose him.

There’s going to be a battle between Emperors and powerful Government officials because the Blackbeard Pirates are also at Egghead. This could be the pivotal event that alters the One Piece universe irrevocably.

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