A Closer Look at Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 4 Cast: Fresh Faces and Familiar Stories

The epic Season 3 finale was filled with stunning scenes and significant twists that undoubtedly will change things up in Season 4. The creator, writer, and executive producer of Miss Scarlet and The Duke, Rachael New, along with cast members Felix Scott (Patrick Nash) and Kate Phillips (Eliza Scarlet), provide some spoilers for what to expect in Season 4, such as the new direction Eliza and Nash’s relationship will take and the Duke’s reaction to his shocking realization in the Season 3 finale.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 4 Cast

The fourth season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke is sure to enthrall viewers with its captivating blend of intricate family dynamics, moral dilemmas, and crime-solving in the Victorian era. The cast’s wide range of skills and backgrounds guarantees that Season 4 will maintain the emotionally charged narrative and thought-provoking storytelling that has made the show a cherished favorite among viewers.

Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

In Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 4, Kate Phillips plays Eliza Scarlet once more. Eliza Scarlet has previously demonstrated her ability to solve crimes and apprehend criminals as the first female detective in Victorian London. After Season 3, Eliza receives an offer from Patrick Nash to take the helm of her agency in London, departing from her late father’s detective business.

Eliza takes the job as head of a brand-new detective agency in the first scene of Season 4, but there’s a surprise. The first episode of the season emphasizes Eliza’s lack of partner detectives and her sole staff being an accountant. In addition to (maybe) addressing the topic of whether Eliza will eventually reconcile with her old friend William, the upcoming season is anticipated to delve deeply into her professional problems.

Felix Scott as Patrick Nash

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

Eliza’s coworker and ultimately ally, Patrick Nash, is portrayed by Felix Scott. Although Nash is first unimpressed with Eliza, toward the latter half of Seasons 2 and 3, he comes to appreciate her as a friend and coworker. At the beginning of Season 4, Eliza and Nash collaborate closely after Eliza accepts Nash’s offer to take over Nash & Sons.

In the same Masterpiece interview, Scott hinted that Season 4 will see “Eliza and Nash get into a lot of trouble”: “Nash and Elizabeth run into a lot of problems. That’s their thing, their way of doing things. Increased running and capering are commonplace, and they are both incredibly enjoyable.

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Cathy Belton as Ivy Woods

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

As Ivy Woods, Cathy Belton appears in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 4. After Eliza Scarlet’s mother passed away, Ivy, her housekeeper and best friend, reared her. Whether it’s about their job, love, or her troubles, she always offers Eliza some counsel when things are hard. During Season 4, Ivy hears Eliza’s grievances about her difficulties in managing her detective firm. Belton’s parts in Red Rock, Hidden Assets, and Philomena are well-known.

Evan McCabe as Oliver Fitzroy

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

As Detective Oliver Fitzroy, Evan McCabe joins the Season 4 cast. Despite his shortcomings, William works hard to train Fitzroy, his colleague and mentee. Doctor Who and Berlin Station are two of McCabe’s well-known credits.

Simon Ludders As Mr. Potts

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

Ivy Woods’s considerate and kind romantic interest, Mr. Potts, is portrayed by Simon Ludders. Ludders plays Humboldt in the Netflix series, which fans of Bridgerton may be familiar with. The actor starred in three other films: The Diplomat, The Capture, and You.

Tim Chipping as Detective Phelps

William’s opponent at work is Detective Phelps, and they frequently settle disputes and issues with fists. Tim Chipping is the actor portraying the role. In the fourth season premiere, Phelps and Fitzroy, another detective, were tasked with finding the whereabouts of a shot government minister. Chipping has a couple of prominent performances in the past, such as cameos in Troy, Sherlock, and Gassed Up.

Oliver Chris as Basil Sinclaire

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

Oliver Chris Journalist Basil Sinclaire is not a fan of Eliza becoming the top detective in the field. With the publication of a report about Nash & Sons, Sinclaire is determined to reveal that Eliza’s company is having financial difficulties in Season 4. Among Chris’s previous noteworthy roles were those in Motherland, Bluestone 42, and King Charles III.

Paul Bazoly

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

British actor Paul Reginald Bazely was born on May 6, 1968. His other television credits include roles in Vanity Fair, The IT Crowd, Doctors, Making Out, Emmerdale, Heartbeat, and Cruella. One of the new actors that appears in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 4 is Paul Bazely. Bazely has appeared in over 50 credits, including Citadel, Black Mirror, Dungeons & Dragons, and Such Brave Girls.

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Curtis Kantsa

miss scarlet and the duke season 4 cast

Another new cast member of Miss Scarlet and The Duke is Curtis Kantsa. Kantsa gained notoriety for his performances in The Sandman (2022), Blue Story (2019), and The Last Bus (2022).


Season 4 kicks off with Eliza Scarlet taking the helm of her detective agency in London, offering a fresh perspective on her professional journey. The storyline explores Eliza’s challenges in managing her agency and hints at the possibility of reconciliation with her old friend William. The anticipation for Season 4 builds as the cast teases a blend of romance, investigations, and intriguing plotlines. With old bonds, new ventures, and captivating characters, “Miss Scarlet and The Duke” Season 4 promises to be a thrilling continuation of the beloved series.

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