Slow Horses Season 4 Expected Plot, Cast and Much More!

Slow Horses is a spy thriller television series based on the Slough House book series (also referred to as the Jackson Lamb series) by Mick Herron. The show’s characters are employees of Slough House, an MI5 branch where disgraced agents are sent to serve out their sentences in administrative oblivion. But the “Slow Horses,” under the command of their witty but repulsive leader Jackson Lamb, frequently prove to be the last line of defense separating Britain from calamity.

When the show debuted on April 1, 2022, it received largely excellent reviews. December 2, 2022, saw the release of Season 2, and November 29, 2023, of Season 3. We have the answer to your question if you’re wondering when the fourth season will air.

Slow Horses Season 4 Cast Information

slow horses season 4 release date

There is now a lot of information available regarding the Slow Horses season 4 cast, in contrast to other shows that only reveal the existence of a future season while offering little further. The cast of the fourth season will feature several new faces, including Hugo Weaving from The Matrix, Joanna Scanlan from Notes on a Scandal, James Callis from Battlestar Galactica, Ruth Bradley from Guilt, and Tom Brooke from Empire of Light (via Deadline). Nothing regarding the identities of these new characters is known, despite their announcement.

Besides debuting cast members, much of the show’s original ensemble is expected to return, including:

Actor Slow Horses Role
Gary Oldman Jackson Lamb
Jack Lowden River Cartwright
Kristin Scott Thomas Diana Taverner
Saskia Reeves Catherine Standish
Rosalind Eleazar Louisa Guy
Christopher Chung Roddy Ho
Freddie Fox James “Spider” Webb
Chris Reilly Nick Duffy
Samuel West Peter Judd
Sophie Okonedo Ingrid Tearney
Aimee-Ffion Edwards Shirley Dander
Kadiff Kirwan Marcus Longridge
Jonathan Pryce David Cartwright


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Slow Horses Season 4 Expected Story

slow horses season 4 release date

The slightest of clues regarding the subject matter of the future episodes were revealed to viewers along with the news that Slow Horses season 4 would air. The fourth season will “open with a bombing that detonates personal secrets, rocking the already unstable foundations of Slough House”. The somewhat ambiguous description bears a strong resemblance to the storyline of Mick Herron’s book Spook Street, which seems to imply that every season tackles a single book.

In the previously stated book, a former spy slowly loses his mind and goes on a murderous rampage that includes bombing a busy shopping center. The core of season 4 will presumably revolve around this interpersonal relationship as Slough House’s residents start to face their shortcomings and consider what it truly means to be an MI5 agent. Although the degree to which Slow Horses season 4 will adhere to the novel is unknown, it already looks to be the most captivating installment yet.

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Slow Horses Season 3 Recaps

slow horses season 4 release date

The following contains links to our in-depth recaps of every episode of Slow Horses season 3, as well as synopses of the episodes that have already been released:

“Strange Games” (Slow Horses, season 3 episode 1): “A romantic connection in Istanbul ends horribly. When one of his Slow Horses doesn’t show up for work, Lamb snaps.” View the recap of Slow Horses season 3 episode 1 on WTW.

“Hard Lessons,” the second episode of Slow Horses season three, features River stealing something from the Park to save a life. Lamb discovers an odd game being played.” View the recap of Slow Horses season 3 episode 2 on WTW.

“Negotiating with a Tiger” (Slow Horses, season 3, episode 3): Marcus and Shirley confront Lamb’s fury. River learns that getting even is best served cold.” View the recap of Slow Horses season 3 episode 3 on WTW.

“Uninvited Guests” (Slow Horses, season 3, episode 4): Tearney takes a risk. Unaware of their ulterior motive, the Slow Horses lend support to the Tiger Team. Ho and Lamb go on a road excursion.” View the recap of Slow Horses season 3 episode 4 on WTW.

In “Cleaning Up,” the fifth episode of Slow Horses season three, Taverner and Tearney compete to take command of MI5. Louisa and River are enmeshed in the crossfire.” View the recap of WTW’s Slow Horses season 3 episode 5.


“Slow Horses,” a spy thriller series based on Mick Herron’s Slough House books, received acclaim for its first two seasons. Season 4 introduces new cast members, including Hugo Weaving and Joanna Scanlan. The plot, inspired by Herron’s “Spook Street,” begins with a bombing that exposes personal secrets, challenging MI5 agents at Slough House. Season 3 recaps detailed episodes like “Strange Games” and “Cleaning Up.”

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