Is Fani Willis Still Married To Fred Willis? She Accused of Affair With Prosecutor Nathan Wade!

The district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, which includes the majority of Atlanta, is Fani Taifa Willis. She holds the office as the first female occupant. Willis was born in Inglewood, California. Her father, John C. Floyd III, was a Black Panther group founder who became disillusioned with the movement due to internal strife. As a solicitor, she prosecuted crimes and infractions of city ordinances in her first position with the government. In the Fulton County district attorney’s office, she worked as a prosecutor for sixteen years.

Is She Still Married to Fred Willis?

On the day Fani Taifa Willis passed the Georgia bar test, she happened to run across Fred Willis, who was then employed as a freelance videographer. After being married in 1996 as a result of their relationship, the couple had two daughters. They had a strong bond at first, but as life took its course, they eventually got divorced in 2005.

Beyond her legal career, Willis’s love for crime author Janet Evanovich demonstrates her taste in literature. Being an early riser who starts her day at 4 a.m., Willis is well-known for her unwavering dedication to her work as the district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, and her pursuit of justice.

Inadequate Relationship With Nathan Wade

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Recently, shocking claims were made in a court document asking for the charges in the Georgia election tampering case involving the co-defendants of former President Donald Trump to be dropped.

The complaint stated that there was a “romantic relationship” between special prosecutor Nathan Wade and district attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County. In the 39-page file, which was filed on behalf of Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, it was claimed that Willis and Wade had taken joint trips to several locations, including Napa Valley.

It further suggested that they had been spotted in private settings in and around Atlanta. Despite the audacious allegations, the submission only included references to “sources with knowledge” and no concrete proof. It also brought up questions over Willis’ hiring procedure for Wade, who has been defending the DA’s office in case-related court procedures.

The filing asked that Willis, Wade, and the DA’s office be disqualified from pursuing the matter, citing Wade’s current divorce proceedings. The district attorney and the special prosecutor were allegedly involved in an improper and covert personal relationship, which served as the foundation for this request.

The complaint argued that the district attorney and special prosecutor had reaped substantial financial benefits at the expense of taxpayers as a result of this purported relationship. An official from the district attorney’s office stated that a rejoinder to the accusations would be included in a court document but declined to comment further.

The lawyer emphasized that some material would not be available until Wade’s divorce records were released in response to the filing’s lack of evidence. These accusations have given an already well-known court case a complicated new dimension, and as the case moves forward, it is expected that significant attention will be paid to the events that are developing.

Service as The Fulton County District Attorney

Fulton County’s district attorney, Fani Willis, was selected in 2020. She won the election by defeating Paul Howard Jr., a six-term incumbent, and her actual former boss.

Fani initiated a criminal inquiry in 2021 over Donald Trump’s efforts to sway Georgian electoral officials. These representatives included the governor, the attorney general, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over the phone to garner enough votes to surpass Joe Biden‘s victory in that state and thereby reverse Biden’s election triumph in 2020.

Indictments of Atlanta Gangs

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Young Thug was charged with 56 counts of gang-related offenses under Georgia’s RICO Act in May 2022. Additionally, he was charged with felonies for possessing illegal firearms and drugs, which were purportedly found following the execution of a search warrant. Following his apprehension, the rapper has been detained at Cobb County jail. November 27, 2023, saw the start of the trial.

During the Georgia Superior Courts’ fourth term, which begins in July or August 2023, Fani Willis declared on April 24, 2023, that she would make decisions regarding the charges against Trump and his associates. On August 14, 2023, Trump and eighteen others were indicted by Willis’s office on 41 counts. Fulton County Jail was the location of the mugshots of all of them, including Trump.


Willis’s personal life includes a previous marriage to Fred Willis, whom she met on the day she passed the Georgia bar test. The couple, who married in 1996, eventually divorced in 2005 after having two daughters. Fani Willis’s personal and professional life continues to be a subject of public interest, adding complexity to an already high-profile court case. The accusations and controversies surrounding her personal life underscore the challenges faced by public figures in their pursuit of justice.

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