Fool Me Once Episode 4 Recap: Unraveling Maya’s Intricate Quest for Justice!

Fool Me Once Episode 4 doesn’t bother to take up where Episode 3 left off, so let’s save time and continue where we left off. Thankfully, the alert isn’t true. Using her Glock 17 and black gloves, Maya learns that the house invader is indeed Shane. Lily is alright. But we have inquiries! What is the purpose of Maya’s hidden Glock 17? Why did she decide to put on gloves before using them? What is the reason behind Shane and Lily’s strong bond? Folks, consider me distrustful of anything and everyone. Fool Me Once episode 4 sees Maya¬†battling for Claire’s justice, but what risky game is Shane up to?

Fool Me Once Episode 4 Recap

fool me once episode 4 recap

As the fourth episode of Fool Me Once begins, Maya is looking into who has been in her home. It’s Shane, who claims to have discovered Maya screaming and Lily sobbing while she was sleeping. Although Maya feels relieved and lets go of her pistol, she thinks Shane is evaluating her as a mom.

When Shane puts Lily to bed, he suggests Maya consult a therapist if she is having trouble, but Maya is adamant that everything is OK. He tells her what he’s learned recently about Tommy, including the fact that he was a marine and the skipper of the yacht where Andre perished. Maya questions whether Tommy received payment to stage Andrew’s suicide as an accident to conceal the true cause of his death. Bringing up Kierce, Shane remarks that he appears clean.

His question is, “Why didn’t Maya tell him that she saw Joe on the nanny cam?” Maya tells him that she doesn’t believe the video came from a previously released tape. Maya and Shane discuss the facts and whether Joe staged his death. The goal of the exercise is to help Maya realize that Joe is deceased and to help her think logically. Shane counters that she might be correct and that the death certificate is flawed since Joe staged his death. In addition, Maya believes that someone else is playing pranks on her.

In the meanwhile, Alexa converses with Alexander and discovers that he is unaware that Claire has become pregnant. They were a couple of young people who met while on vacation and broke up when the trip was done. He most definitely did not kill her. The news that Alexander has a child out there shakes him because they don’t keep an eye on one another. Alexa quickly leaves after he asks her for further details.

A Father-Son Twist: Phil’s Bike and PJ’s Involvement in the Investigation

fool me once episode 4 recap

In another scene, Nicole(Jade Anouka) visits Kierce and tells him to go to the hospital and show up to their meetings. In an attempt to keep him on track, she senses that Kierce is drifting apart from his friends and family. Marty breaks into their talk to let him know that they may now begin questioning Phil because his attorney has arrived.

Phil acknowledges that he owns the bike but declines to comment further during the inquiry. Kierce asks him why he didn’t report the bike theft after he claimed it happened a few weeks ago. Kierce makes it clear that this is a serious situation because a murder was committed using the bike, and Phil maintains that he has an alibi. Phil says there’s no hard proof the police can find that he was riding the bike the night Joe was killed. Kierce, however, brings up PJ, Phil’s adolescent son, who also rides the bike. The following day, he requests that Phil bring the youngster in to be questioned.

Kierce then requests that Marty(Dino Fetscher) confirm Eddie’s ibis and order surveillance on Phil and PJ. Telling Marty to get in touch with him if a new lead materializes, Kierce says he has some things to tend to. The only clue Marty discovers is that Kierce fabricated his accident story; the cat wasn’t there.

As Kierce leaves, he notices Phil getting into a car that belongs to one of Burkett’s businesses and decides to pursue him after receiving a hint. Without the required documents, he is surveilling Phil, he tells Marty over the phone.

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Trust in Eddie: Maya Entrusts Lily’s Care to Eddie During Investigations

fool me once episode 4 recap

Eddie and his children meet Maya at the park on the opposite side of town. About her mother’s previous boyfriend and pregnancy, Alexa inquires. Eddie cuts them off in their chat. He and Maya(Michelle Keegan) apologize to one another and put their disagreements behind them. Maya discloses that Claire had a relationship with Corey during their discussion of the investigation into Claire’s death. She pleaded with Corey not to release the other half of the recording since doing so would only worsen Maya’s situation.

When Claire makes a deal with Corey to expose and remove the Burketts, Maya feels that Claire shielded her. Though she is investigating, she is unsure of what transpired. Eddie is the only person Maya trusts to take care of Lily in the event of an emergency, and she appreciates him for his patience. While she looks into something, she asks Eddie to monitor Lily.

Marty finds out that Eddie lied to him about his alibi while Kierce follows Phil. To keep Kierce informed, he leaves a message. However, Kierce follows Phil into the school and finds PJ there. Before he can listen in on their talk, Kierce blanks out. It takes Marty a while to locate him and provide him with some assistance. Marty becomes concerned for Kierce when he finally admits to having blackouts. Marty confesses he is gay as they become closer.

Maya receives a call from Judith in the meanwhile, pleading with her to think twice before bringing Lily to the estate. Later, a therapist named Dr. Wu ambushes her; Shane(Emmett J Scanlan) sends him With a reluctant smile, Maya tells him about the “hallucination” and the nightmares. Maya found her time in the army to be difficult, and she held herself responsible for an incident that occurred there. Maya questions, if her Joe hallucinations could be connected to her PTSD, and Dr. Wu, advises her to stop avoiding the problems. She is told by Dr. Wu that she is experiencing flashbacks rather than hallucinations. If Maya is to genuinely heal over time, he thinks she must first forgive herself.

Maya’s Confession: A Dark Revelation about Her Past Actions During a Mission

fool me once episode 4 recap

Tommy’s wife urgently contacts Maya after the session to ask to meet. After some research, the wife discovered something strange. Since she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her husband for the last six weeks, the wife is concerned after discovering evidence that Tommy was paid by the Burketts.

She’s not the only one on the hunt for a partner. As Claire’s children go through her belongings, they discover that she registered to have her DNA traced a few years ago. They search for their half-brother on the app after logging in. Eddie discovers the piece of proof that they regrettably left behind. At Alexander’s residence, e bolts outside to punch him.

Maya meets Judith after the meeting with Tommy’s wife and asks to know why Tommy gets paid by her. Maya brings up Andrew to jog Judith(Joanna Lumley)’s memory after she claims not to know who Tommy is. Judith tries to back off by declaring she won’t go through the suffering again, but their debate becomes more heated. Maya insists, and Judith responds that Andrew’s case wasn’t an accident. Maya also mentions that Joe said the case was determined to be suicide.

Additionally, when she brings up Detective Kierce, Judith states that Caroline is ill and that she is not paying the detective. She informs Maya that Tommy’s family is paying for Tommy to keep up their good reputation while Caroline receives the necessary care at a mental health facility. Judith would prefer to be removed from any association with suicide. Maya gets a warning from Judith to stop hurting the family and asks whether she is okay. But as Maya walks away, Caroline(Hattie Morahan) is seen gazing at her through the glass. She should be at the hospital, right?

Maya goes to the arcade club to meet with Corey following the heated exchange. She tries to find Tommy and asks him to check into him because he has gone missing. Corey believes that he killed Claire, and he fears that they will be the next to pass away. Maya counters that Claire got mixed up with Corey in an attempt to protect her, so she is at fault. As it happens, Maya killed a few bystanders by accident while on a mission.

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Unshared Secrets: Maya Questions Corey about Withholding Information

fool me once episode 4 recap

Corey brings up Shane and inquires as to why Maya is maintaining contact with Shane. It appears like Shane will be impacted by whatever is on the audio. Maya questions why Corey didn’t share the second portion of the tape, to which Corey responds that she has suffered enough. Maya visits Eddie after a difficult day, and the kids ask her a ton of questions concerning their half-brother. Maya proposes they speak with Eddie, but Alexa says their father isn’t feeling well. He simply stormed off.

Maya informs them of Claire’s first pregnancy because Alexa fears the brother may have killed their mother. Their half-brother is closer than they realize, unbeknownst to them. Eddie was with a lady the night Joe died, so Kierce and Marty were able to gather evidence that he had lied about his whereabouts. When Shane sneaks into Maya’s compound and installs a tracker on her car, the episode concludes with Maya not paying much attention to the alert.


Fool Me Once” Episode 4 delves into a myriad of complex storylines, weaving suspense and intrigue into Maya’s quest for justice. As questions about Maya’s Glock 17, gloves, and Shane’s mysterious connection with Lily arise, the plot thickens. As Maya navigates through the intricate puzzle of relationships and hidden motives, the audience is left on the edge of their seats. The episode concludes with Maya seemingly indifferent to a tracking alert, setting the stage for more twists and revelations in the upcoming episodes.

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