Slow Horses Season 3 Episode 6: A Recap of Intense Escapes and Heartfelt Sacrifices

Slow Horses season 3 episode 6 continues with an exciting finale, following the detonation of a bomb in the previous episode.

Slow Horses Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The river is unconscious at the start of Slow Horses season 3 episode 6. Louisa may reach her spouse and inquire about him since Sean fills in for her. They must leave, thankfully, as he is still alive. They’re tightly pinned, but Sean is a skilled fighter, and he kills multiple soldiers to give them enough room to escape.

Who is shot on the way out?

slow horses season 3 episode 6 recap

When Fenwick phones and requests more backup, Duffy swears, realizing that there is only a brief window of opportunity for the three of them to flee. The trio dashes toward the hatch at the end of the tunnel because it promises something. However, Sean gets shot as a result. Though he’s still alive, he’s losing blood. Overcome with grief over Ben’s passing, he begs River and Louisa for assistance. Knowing he’s bleeding out and that running is pointless, he finally requests to stop. Rather, he is going to buy them sometime.

The sound of the door being blown open echoes throughout the passageways. Sean tries to stop Louisa and River from picking up speed. Cradling his gun, he tells River and Louisa to “get it out there”—that is, with the files.

Are River, Sean, and Louisa escape?

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Marcus and Shirley are, of course, situated higher up and are being fired upon by a group of troops positioned outside. As Shirley finally goes out to flank them, her rifle seizes up due to her inexperience. She survives the next cat-and-mouse chase unscathed, killing the soldier with a sharp CD.

While Shirley saves Marcus, Sean is shot dead for his troubles below in the underground. Unfortunately, Duffy turns up with his rifle and puts Marcus at gunpoint. Nevertheless, the gun chamber is empty, and the two exchange blows. Shirley manages to kill all three of the troops as they drive into them outdoors.

slow horses season 3 episode 6 recap

The moment couldn’t have arrived more propitiously, as Shirley successfully unlocks the hatch and releases Louisa and River. Louisa gives River the go-ahead to grab the files and head outside. Louisa saves Marcus before it’s too late while he’s still inside.

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What occurs at Sarah’s home?

Jackson plants explosives throughout the house in the interim to give his crew a little extra time. As Catherine is compelled to hide in the closet, he also places Pringles up the stairs to act as a makeshift noise alarm. The two troops enter the area in an attempt to locate Jackson, but they instead encounter a long list of various traps, reminiscent of Home Alone. Ho then hotwires his party bus and arrives with it, announcing that the “Ho-sold Cavalry” is on its way.

Jackson Lamb delivers the fatal blow to the other soldier while Sarah strangles the other one. As it happens, Catherine was bait all along. When they finally go outside, Ho manages to smash his bus through the front door, but it’s already too late. Although the destruction of her house hasn’t made Sarah very happy, at least they are still alive.

Is River disclosing the files?

After all of this upheaval, Ingrid is determined to conceal the truth from the media and rewrite the tale to suit her. Diana, however, teases her by pointing out that something might be wrong because she hasn’t heard from Duffy and the others. Diana firmly believes that isn’t the case, but obviously, things aren’t going well! As the incident becomes widely known online, Diana informs Ingrid that she is lost and that she must handle it like a lady. She goes off to drown her sorrows after grabbing a bottle of booze.

Concurrently, River brings the file back to his grandfather. He dismisses it as merely a “tale,” yet his grandfather is inaccurate in certain details. If word gets out about this, Tearney’s reputation will be ruined. Additionally, the security agencies will do the same. David insists that the reports of Alison’s death are untrue, but River is certain that this is the correct course of action. David chooses to “protect” himself by burning the files, nevertheless, because he thinks it’s the appropriate thing to do.

Season 3 of Slow Horses: How Does It End?

slow horses season 3 episode 6 recap

In the meantime, Jackson and Catherine wind up talking about Charles and honor. In the end, Jackson reveals the truth about Charles, accusing him of betraying his country and selling secrets to the Russians. He knew he could rely on Catherine not to delve too far into his affairs, so he kept her on. To make matters worse, Charles was blatantly dishonest and planned to hold her responsible for everything. Of course, we’ve known all of this since the previous season, but Catherine now knows the reality. She chooses to give up and move on as a result.

Ho and Jackson head in the other direction, while River departs from his grandfather’s residence—carrying the actual files. He has a backup as he knew his granddad would act in this way.

What takes place in the epilogue?

Jackson encounters Diana, and the two leave their bench together. Diana hesitantly praises him for leaking the file and getting it out as they instead go to grab ice cream. It seems that River Cartright, not Jackson, was the one responsible. Diana has taken over as First Desk, but she faces a significant problem. She cleans her hands of the deaths, but she’s in charge now and will take responsibility for everything.

With Catherine no longer living, Jackson is prepared to assume control of Slough House without one of his strongest advantages. Will he make it through?

Where can I watch Slow Horses season 3?

To watch Slow Horses season 3, you’ll need to have a subscription to Apple TV Plus since it’s exclusive to the streaming service. Thankfully, Apple TV Plus continues to be among the most reasonably priced premium streaming subscription options. Upon purchasing a new Apple gadget, new users can avail a complimentary three-month subscription and sign up for a free seven-day trial.

For those who would like to catch up, Apple TV Plus also provides access to the first and second seasons of Slow Horses.

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This enthralling season finale of Slow Horses Season 3 Episode 6 encapsulates heart-stopping action, unexpected twists, and the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of truth and survival.

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