The Terminal List Season 2 Expectation: Dive Into the Action-Packed World of Chris Pratt’s Thriller Series!

Include The Terminal List: Season 2 to your watch list. Season 2 of the popular action thriller series on Prime Video, starring Chris Pratt, will premiere. After a protracted wait for an official renewal, the news that The Terminal List will receive a prequel series starring Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards in addition to a second season was welcome.

The Terminal List’s first season was inspired by the same-titled book, the first work of fiction written by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr. The story follows SEAL commander James Reece (Pratt) as he investigates and exposes a top-level military conspiracy to exact retribution on those who killed the other members of his unit and the two individuals who were closest to him.

There won’t be a shortage of stories for the series to adapt anytime soon because Carr has authored four more novels about James Reece since The Terminal List was released in 2018. Because of its widespread appeal and wealth of original content, The Terminal List appears to have the potential to be a long-running series on Prime Video. Below, we’ll attempt to address any queries you may have regarding The Terminal List Season 2, and we’ll update this page whenever new information becomes available.

The Terminal List Season 2 Expected Cast

the terminal list season 2

Chris Pratt’s return as James Reece is the only confirmed cast member for The Terminal List’s second season. There aren’t many characters remaining standing after Reece took a lot of lives in season 1. Constance Wu’s tenacious reporter Katie Buranek is one possible co-star who might make a comeback. Even though Ben Edwards played by Kitsch appeared to be dead in season 1, he will live on in a separate prequel series. The next film to be adapted is Carr’s True Believer, thus casting for the major adversary Mohammed “Mo” Farooq, Raife Hastings, and the enigmatic operator Freddy will be crucial.

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Which Book Will the Terminal List Season 2?

the terminal list season 2

The Terminal List Season 2 is anticipated to adhere to Jack Carr’s chronology, in contrast to Reacher Season 2, which will advance to the eleventh of author Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. True Believer, Carr’s second book, is the continuation of James Reece’s story, thus showrunner David DiGilio advised fans of the program to read it in an interview with “It’s an incredible read and it’s a great blueprint for Season 2,” DiGilio stated. Carr stated in a different interview that Season 2 will feature eight episodes, just like Season 1.

True Believer, according to Jack Carr’s website, follows James Reece on a new journey where he accepts a presidential pardon for his actions in The Terminal List in exchange for aiding the government of the United States in thwarting a global terrorist conspiracy linked to a “shadowy former Iraqi commando” with whom he previously worked. Searching for answers and tracking down terrorists across the globe, Reece discovers a global conspiracy involving a traitorous CIA agent and “a sinister assassination plot with worldwide repercussions.” For James Reece, it was all in a day’s work.

If a long run of this program is in the works, Jack Carr has penned five James Reece novels thus far, so there’s plenty of content.

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What is The Terminal List spin-off about?

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Variety reports that Carr and David DiGilio are co-creating an untitled spin-off of The Terminal List that will follow Taylor Kitsch’s character Ben Edwards as he goes from being a Navy SEAL to a CIA paramilitary operator. Pratt and Jared Shaw, who plays Ernest “Boozer” Vickers in the series, are both expected to make appearances. Pratt plays James Reece. Readers who enjoy Carr’s writing can also anticipate seeing Raife Hastings and Mohammed Farooq, among other characters from his works.


Season 2 of “The Terminal List,” starring Chris Pratt, is highly anticipated, adapting Jack Carr’s “True Believer.” The confirmed cast includes Pratt and possibly Constance Wu. A prequel featuring Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards is in the works. The spin-off explores Ben’s transition from Navy SEAL to CIA paramilitary operator. With Carr’s five novels, the series has potential for a long run.

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