The Honeymooners Actress Joyce Randolph Passed Away at The Age of 99

According to Fox News Digital, actress Joyce Randolph, who gained popularity as Trixie Norton in “The Honeymooners,” has away. Her only son, Randy Charles, said that she died “peacefully in her sleep” in her Manhattan home after receiving home hospice care for a few months.

She was ninety-nine years old. Co-stars Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, and Audrey Meadows all passed away before Randolph, the final surviving member of the beloved 1950s sitcom, came to be.

‘Lost’ Episode of ‘Honeymooners’ Discovered

The Honeymooners Actress Joyce Randolph Passed Away at The Age of 99

Two New York City couples were profiled in the brief sitcom: Ed Norton (Art Carney) and his wife Trixie (Randolph), and Ralph Kramden (Gleason) and his wife Alice (Meadows). Originally a comedy sketch on “The Jackie Gleason Show,” it was modified and ran for thirty minutes in just one season, consisting of forty-nine episodes.

After “The Honeymooners” was canceled in 1956, Gleason’s variety program was rescheduled from its original run. The Hollywood Reporter revealed in 2022 that CBS Studios was reviving the program with an emphasis on a female lead.

The Honeymooner’s Debut and Marriage to Richard Lincoln Charles

The Honeymooners Actress Joyce Randolph Passed Away at The Age of 99

Randolph worked on numerous projects before “The Honeymooners,” most of which her son claims are lost because they were broadcast live. She teased that she would frequently act as the young lady in a murder mystery who turns out to be the dead. Thus, they referred to her as the “most murdered girl” on TV, he said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

About his late mother, Charles stated, “She was a wonderful mom and loving wife in addition to being a wonderful actress.” A day after “The Honeymooners” debuted in 1955, Randolph wed husband Richard Lincoln Charles. Until his passing in 1997, they remained wed.

At a later time, Randolph will have a private memorial service. Donations to the Entertainment Community Fund, formerly The Actor’s Fund, can be sent in Randolph’s name in place of flowers, according to his family. Randolph’s late spouse was on the board of the nonprofit organization.

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