‘All My Children’ Actor Alec Musser Passes Away at 50; Fiancee Feels COVID a contributor

According to Fox News Digital, actor Alec Musser, who gained notoriety for his parts in the films “All My Children” and “Grown Ups,” passed away on Saturday. He was 50 years old.

Musser had “a severe case of Covid,” according to his fiancée Paige Press, who also feels the condition caused his death. In addition, he received a booster shot. She claims he passed away at their Del Mar, California, home.

Kind-Hearted Alec Musser Leaves a Lasting Impression

'All My Children' Actor Alec Musser Passes Away at 50; Fiancee Feels COVID a contributor

Musser affirmed there will be an autopsy. “He had excellent health. He was very conscious of what went into his body and how it was maintained. That was the worst thing I had ever seen him do, eating some cookies.”

“Alec was an amazing individual. He was the best fiancé. The best dog dad. The press spoke highly of Musser, with whom she recently became engaged, saying, “Very kind-hearted person.” “Observing how many emails and texts from people he knew as a child have reached out to me. People I’ve never even met have been giving me pictures of him from high school and their wedding in the last few days. He had so many people’s affections and touches.”

Sandler Sends Sympathy to Alec Musser’s Loved Ones

The press reports that although the pair had not decided on a wedding date, preparations were imminent. Actor Adam Sandler, whom Musser worked with on the 2010 film “Grown Ups,” extended his sympathy to the family. On his Instagram, Sandler posted a picture of Musser from the movie with the caption, “I loved this guy.” “It’s hard to think he’s gone. What a great, hilarious, kind man. Sending my warmest regards to Alec Musser and his family. A wonderful, sweetheart-like individual.”

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