South Park Not Suitable Review: Delving Into the Latest Special’s Edgy Satire!

A warning that the show is not appropriate for young audiences is what makes the most recent “South Park” special so unique. That’s even in the title of the Paramount+ exclusive, which debuted on Wednesday: “South Park (Not Suitable For Children).”

Its ability to parody current events through the characters on “South Park,” which is in its 26th season and is usually rated TV-MA (unsuitable for those under 17), has kept it popular. It’s a kid-oriented cartoon that explores contemporary problems, akin to “The Simpsons,” except with stronger language and scenarios. The show frequently warns viewers ahead of time that it contains “coarse language and shouldn’t be viewed by anyone.”

“South Park (Not Suitable For Children),” one of numerous specials available only on the Paramount+ streaming service, features a lot of cartoon nudity. This is because the program addresses both the larger problem of youngsters being exposed to social media and the realm of online pornography on OnlyFans.

The popularity of hydration drinks attracting kids’ attention is another aim. A drink called Cred, which is presumably a jab at Prime energy drinks produced by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, is introduced as the new status symbol for the entire school in the episode.

South Park Not Suitable Review

south park not suitable review

The main character, Clyde, was Not Suitable for Children, but since Randy had no link to the supporting character, this naturally left Randy’s B-story feeling disoriented. Clyde was the show’s main character, while Butters and Cartman both had significant roles. His elevation to main character rank was a pleasant surprise, as he is typically a less prominent role.

Given that Stan served as the show’s de facto lead character for years and Cartman’s recent character growth dominated season 26’s stories, it felt appropriate to have a character outside of the primary friend group lead a special to himself. But this imaginative decision undermined Randy’s narrative.

In the second South Park special of 2023 Until the very end, Cartman’s joining the Panderverse and hopping between universes had nothing to do with Randy Marsh’s quest for a handyman. This was yet another example of the show’s inability to establish a cohesive thread between its narratives, and the final connection was insufficient to warrant the two stories spending most of the special apart.

Randy encountered Clyde, Cartman, Butters, and Craig in the denouement of Not Suitable for Children and delivered a serious speech to them on the dangers of social media influence. Nevertheless, this crossover came across as a desperate attempt to support Randy’s plot rather than adding any coherence to the stories.

Season 14, episode 14, “Creme Fraiche,” and other outstanding episodes showcase Randy Marsh’s comedic abilities. But there are two problems with South Park’s incapacity to include him in the main storyline of every new special.


south park not suitable review

For starters, a show that was meant to highlight the craziness of the adult world through the eyes of children becomes overshadowed by Randy’s zaniness, and it ends up being just another TV comedy about a crazy middle-aged father. For instance, Randy deviates more and more from his initial portrayal as a credulous, easily led, but generally rather normal person the more often he acts outrageously fake and exaggerated.

The Pandemic Special, however, established the bar that South Park has surpassed in the majority of its subsequent specials. Joining the Panderverse demonstrates that rather than ensuring that this side plot links to the main plot of the show, the majority of South Park’s specials have concentrated more on jamming in a Randy storyline.

This turned into a problem in Not Suitable for Children when Randy tried to advertise energy drinks on OnlyFans and it didn’t seem like it had anything to do with Clyde’s problems at school and the popularity of the drink. Not Suitable for Children was unable to establish a connection between Clyde and Randy, but The Streaming Wars made sure that Randy and his son’s plots finally coincided.


The most recent “South Park” special, titled “South Park (Not Suitable For Children),” is unique for its explicit warning about being unsuitable for young audiences. The episode tackles issues like social media, online pornography, and the popularity of hydration drinks among kids. The review mentions a disjointed narrative involving Randy Marsh and highlights challenges in integrating him into the main storyline. “South Park” is available on Paramount+, Hulu, and HBO Max.

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