Duffy’s Fury & Grey Books: Slow Horses Season 3 Episode 3 Recap Explained!

Throughout most of Slow Horses, disgraced MI5 agent River Cartwright has lived in his grandfather’s shadow and suffered some of the worst luck conceivable when working in the field. In “Negotiating with Tigers,” Episode 3, the unfortunate trend persists. River faces Duffy’s fury in this incredibly hilarious episode after embarrassing himself in front of Regent’s Park, and the reasons for the kidnapping become more apparent as Season 3’s mystery is solved.

Slow Horses Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Season 3 of Slow Horses opens with Judd pressuring Ingrid about the Tiger Team’s current operation. She is not pleased that MI5 did not pass their test. This is also the reason Jackson was so insistent that River leave and why it was a bad idea for him to break into Park. Regretfully, after telling River Standish is okay, Duffy is not in a mood and gives him a headbutt. He unleashes all of his rage on the Slough House agent, leaving him sprawled out in a pool of blood.

Sean Donovan chooses to deceive the people at the agency, nevertheless, and abducts the man to whom Standish was meant to be turned over. Shirley and Marcus argue while they are at Donovan’s apartment during this time. Things are tense between them since Shirley uses drugs at work and Marcus remortages due to his gambling addiction. As soon as they break into the apartment, they discover that there is more to this than they initially believed.

The Grey Books

slow horses season 3 episode 3 recap

The attack is divided into a second phase known as “Grey Books.” It appears that these volumes compile every conspiracy theory ever proposed. However, what connection does this have to Jackson Lamb and Catherine? Jackson gets images from Ho and brings his operatives back to base so Ho can look at them. Regretfully, a tip concerning people skulking leads to the arrival of the cops.

Shirley is found in possession of drugs, and Officer Mosely of the Met reaches out to Jackson. Jackson sends them a note saying, “You’re fired.” Well, his description is a little more colorful, but you get the idea!

In the end, John captures Chieftain’s man and demands a photo of him at gunpoint. Sean and his group, along with one of his men and an MI5 agent, have their purpose, which is related to obtaining the Grey Books.

Diana’s previous activities are now explained by the books, which have been moved to her hidden warehouse. Wanting Cartright back, Jackson calls Diana. Regretfully, Duffy is abusing River Cartright severely.

Eventually, Cartright is set free and sent back to Jackson Lamb in a beaten state. River is traveling the same way as him in the taxi, but he won’t let her leave because Lamb has more important things to do. A portion of its significance stems from Ingrid, who abruptly appears at MI5 during their intense security detail and tightening of protocols. After Cartright’s break-in, Diana overhears Ingrid explaining that a thorough evaluation of security measures will take place. Diana tells Ingrid in a private conversation that she is devoted to her, not Peter Judd.

Jackson describes the situation with Donovan and the Grey Books to Sly, the head of private security, in the meantime. For the benefit of the two of them, he must unlock everything. After he departs, Louisa and River meet up, and they discover Spider at Carlton House. As it happens, Spider’s family is doing just well, but Standish’s situation is not as favorable. He also expresses his forgiveness to Louisa for getting shot. He does extend his apology for her loss as well.

In a strange turn of events, Spider is now revealed to be the C-in-C executive officer here. In addition, he has intentions to join Peter Judd’s advisory council to enhance MI5, and he also staged the entire threat up on the bridge. Closing Slough House is his current mission.

Sly is not thrilled with Spider when he appears shortly after, and naturally, Louisa is not happy with River either. He has Spider work for the rescue of the captives and forbids him from joining Judd for lunch.

Spider arrives up to see Sean Donovan in a fancy automobile. Spider doesn’t understand why he tosses over a sack full of cash, though. He only understands money, therefore he thinks this is the best way to communicate with Donovan. Sean loses it and strikes him across the face, knocking him unconscious and creating a massive blood splatter on the back windshield when he mentions Alison.

When Jackson Lamb finds out that Judd and Sly are having lunch at this establishment, he puts pressure on Judd to find a solution to this awkward situation. Jackson clarifies that he wants to finish this as soon as possible because he has “so much time” left. Donovan drops Spider off outdoors at that moment; he appears to be dead because he is immobile and not blinking, but you never know with this show! Judd gets a call from the Tiger Team while everyone tries to make sense of what’s going on.

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Where can I watch Slow Horses season 3?

slow horses season 3 episode 3 recap

You will want an Apple TV Plus subscription to watch Slow Horses season 3, as it is available only on the streaming service. Happily, Apple TV Plus remains one of the most affordable premium streaming service choices. New users may sign up for a free seven-day trial and receive a complimentary three-month subscription when they buy a new Apple product.

Apple TV Plus also offers the first and second seasons of Slow Horses for anyone who would like to catch up.


This comprehensive recap encapsulates the intense developments and intricate plot intricacies of Episode 3 of Slow Horses Season 3, showcasing the series’ escalating tensions and multi-layered storytelling.

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