Kingdom Business Season 3 Expectations: Divine Drama Unfolds!

Welcome to the riveting world of “Kingdom Business,” where power, politics, and passion collide in the highly anticipated Season 3. As the saga continues, viewers are thrust into a realm of intense rivalries, strategic alliances, and unexpected twists that redefine the landscape of business and influence. The stakes are higher, the drama more intense, and the characters more enthralling than ever before. Join us on this rollercoaster ride through the corridors of power, where loyalty is tested, alliances are forged, and the pursuit of success takes center stage. “Kingdom Business” Season 3 promises a gripping narrative that transcends the boundaries of the business world, delivering unparalleled entertainment.

Kingdom Business Season 3 Expected Cast

kingdom business season 3 release date

Here’s the expected list of the cast for Season 3 of Kingdom Business:

  • Yolanda Adams plays the role of Denita Jordan.
  • Serayah portrays Rbel.
  • Michael Jai White takes on the character of Julius ‘Caesar Jones.
  • Chaundre Hall-Broomfield embodies Taj Jordan.
  • Michael Beach is cast as Calvin Jordan.
  • Aspen Kennedy plays the part of Zyan.
  • Kiandra Richardson portrays C.J. Jordan-Walker.
  • La’Myia Good takes on the role of Essence.
  • Tamar Braxton is featured as Sasha.
  • Dominique Johnson plays Malcolm Walker.
  • Journey Carter embodies Jewel.
  • Gerard Catus is cast as Ray Johnson.
  • Sam Malone plays Dex.
  • David Dunston takes on the role of Bodyguard.
  • Patrice Fisher is featured as Detective Juanita Parker.
  • Maura Gale portrays Dani’s Mother.
  • Larry D. Reid plays Larry D. Reid.
  • Gillian White takes on the role of Vy Waters.
  • Kirk Franklin is featured as Deacon D’Wayne.

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Kingdom Business Storyline & Synopsis

kingdom business season 3 release date

The program delves into the gospel music industry and covers topics such as love, faith, family, and faith-based music. The gospel diva Denita (Yolanda Adams), who oversees Kingdom Records and acts as the First Lady of the First Kingdom Church, is the inspiration for the television program. The show also centers on Rbel (Serayah), a young lady with a problematic past as an exotic dancer.

The main attraction of the performance is Rebecca Belle, also known as Rbl, an exotic dancer with a powerful voice who can be seen singing praises to God from a church pulpit while dancing on a pole and forcing Denita Jordan, the reigning gospel queen, to keep her family’s secrets a secret. As The Jordan family battles for their reputation, legacy, record label, and even their church’s standing following an event, the season offers an inside look at the gospel music business.

Strong first single “Dear God,” starring Serayah and a music video, is the first to be published along with the album’s soundtrack. Similar to “Dear God,” there are twelve more thrilling tracks from the most well-known Gospel and inspirational musicians, including Yolanda Adams Serayah, Chandler Moore, Koryn Hawthorne, and Ahjah Walls of The Walls Group, on the Kingdom Business: Season 1 Soundtrack. Producers Kirk Franklin and Warryn Campbell, two iconic and award-winning figures in popular music, wrote most of the songs included in Kingdom Business: Season 1. Franklin is one of the program’s executive producers as well.

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Where to Watch Kingdom Business?

BET+ officially recognizes Kingdom Business. After the creators release it, Bet+ is where you can watch Kingdom Business Season 3. You can catch up on past seasons by streaming BET+ in the interim.


“Kingdom Business” Season 3 promises an intense exploration of power, politics, and passion in the gospel music industry. With a stellar cast including Yolanda Adams and Serayah, the narrative follows the Jordan family’s struggles for reputation, legacy, and church standing. The soundtrack features impactful tracks, and the season can be streamed on BET+.

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