Hilda Season 3 Review Unveiled: A Tale of Growth, Mystery, and Family Bonds

Finally, the eagerly awaited third season of the cherished cartoon series Hilda has arrived on television, and it does not disappoint. This season offers an engaging fusion of captivating storytelling, character growth, and stunning visuals as Hilda sets out on new adventures and digs further into her family history. The season takes viewers on an emotional trip that lingers long after the last episode, from the gorgeous scenery of Tofoten to the moving investigation of Hilda’s origins.

Bella Ramsey, Daisy Haggard, Ameerah Falzon-Ojo, Oliver Nelson, and other outstanding performers bring the characters to life, and the visual direction, headed by Andy Coyle, Shaikara David, and David Badour, keeps the series unique. Hilda Season 3 is an appropriate and fulfilling end to this enchanted tale, with its evocative musical score and seamless blending of previous episodes. Let’s examine what went well and what may have been improved in Hilda season 3.

Hilda Season 3 Review

hilda season 3 review

As Johanna brings Hilda and her friends to Tofoten, the village where she grew up while living with her aunt Astrid, the third season delves deeply into Johanna’s background. Johanna goes into detail about how her early trauma from seeing the fairies led her to shun the town. After being in a fairy mound that might have kept her and her friends stuck in Fairy Country indefinitely, Hilda quickly comes to understand her mother’s worries. This latest misadventure unintentionally draws the notice of enigmatic cloaked beings who have been lurking over Hilda for most of the season. The figures are relevant to Hilda’s father as well.

For most of the show, Hilda’s father’s identity and background are kept a secret, but now that he has a major role, Hilda’s character development is shaken up. Hilda’s father, Anders (John Simm), is introduced in this season. He spends a lot of time away from Hilda and Johanna in search of “adventure,” which Johanna defines as activities that pique his attention more than Hilda and Johanna.

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hilda season 3 review

Johanna is hesitant to believe him, but he does love Hilda based on the necklace that has a picture of her as a baby and his recent move to Trolberg to spend more time with her. After doing a dubious job, he unintentionally puts Hilda in danger as they are spending time together; Johanna then has to save them while Anders is kidnapped by the cloaked figures. Hilda experiences depression as a result of feeling abandoned when he vanishes.

The season seizes the chance to further elucidate Hilda’s family background after she embarks on a journey with her mother, Johanna. During a camping trip, Johanna tries to cheer Hilda up by telling her more about her past—or lack thereof. A weird beast attacks her and Hilda, believing them to be the non-human animals it prefers to consume. The monster remarks that Johanna’s parents trapped it to protect her after realizing Hilda and Johanna were too human, but Johanna does not recall the creature. Johanna becomes aware of her memory gaps.

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A Deeper Dive Into Hilda’s Character Growth

hilda season 3 review

While exploring more of Hilda’s family history, especially that of her mother Johanna, the third season of Hilda manages to retain the charming quality of the previous episodes. Bella Ramsey, Daisy Haggard, Oliver Nelson, Ameerah Falzon-Ojo, and Miriam Margoyles OBE all give outstanding performances that bring the characters to life.

With this season’s emphasis on Johanna’s past and Hilda’s origins, Hilda can learn more about her family history and herself, as well as the development of her friendships with her new Trollberg and beyond pals. Hilda continues to be a captivating protagonist, exhibiting bravery, generosity, and a preference for amicable dispute settlement.

Hilda’s complex personality is well-represented by Bella Ramsey’s portrayal, which makes her lovable despite her setbacks and victories. The third season showcases significant character development as Hilda learns the consequences of her travels and her move to Trollberg, as the writers dig further into Hilda and her family.

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Hilda Season 3 delivers a captivating blend of storytelling, character growth, and visuals. The focus on Hilda’s family history adds depth, revealing Johanna’s past and introducing Hilda’s father, Anders. The season explores themes of abandonment and self-discovery, with outstanding performances by the cast. The enchanting tale concludes on a fulfilling note, leaving a lasting impact.

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