Vinland Saga Season 3 Expectations: The Saga Continues with New Adventures!

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The Expected Cast of Vinland Saga Season 3

vinland saga season 3 release date

Bar any issues from behind the scenes, expect to see most of these Japanese and English voice actors reprise their roles in Vinland Saga season three:

• Thorfinn Thordarson – Yuto Uemura / Aleks Le (English)
• Einar – Shunsuke Takeuchi / Alejandro Saab (English)
• Canute – Kensho Ono / Griffin Burns (English)
• Thorkell – Akio Otsuka / Patrick Seitz (English)
• Leif Erikson – Yoji Ueda / John Swasey (English)

Even characters long thought gone are also likely to return in flashbacks or nightmare dream sequences, which this show just can’t get enough of.

A host of new voice actors will join the cast too as Thorfinn travels the world, so expect to hear more on this front too as we approach season three’s release.

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The Expected Plot of Vinland Saga Season 3

vinland saga season 3 release date

Assuming the show sticks to the original manga as closely as it has thus far, season three should pick up where Thorfinn and Einar left off after meeting as slaves on the Ketil farm in season two. This is in the Eastern Expedition Arc.

We can say that this third chapter will take place in Greece following a four-year time jump without giving too much away. Thorfinn and Einar intend to work together to amass enough riches and resources to finally establish a peaceful nation, but as you might expect, that will not be a simple feat.

But if anyone can pull it off, it’s our favorite bromance—#Thornar, as we’ll call them going forward.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Recap

vinland saga season 3 release date

The first episode of “Vinland Saga” opens with Thor traveling to Iceland while he struggles with his feelings of loathing violence. Along with his wife Helga and daughter Ylva, he leaves behind the warrior clan Jomsvikings and the town of Jomsborg to start a new chapter in their lives as farmers by traveling toward Iceland. But eventually, Thors is confronted by the past when Floki, a Jomsviking warrior, calls him and demands that he re-join the group.

With his enthusiasm for battle, Thorfinn, the youngest of Thor’s children, follows his father by hiding in a barrel on their battleship. On that battleship, a young Thorfinn decides to follow Askeladd and exact revenge after seeing Thors sacrifice himself for him. Thorfinn’s journey to become a tough wilderness survivor and eventually a spy for Askeladd’s pirate army begins with this. Askeladd and Thorfinn both accompany Prince Canute into his entourage. Askeladd murders Prince Canute’s retainer Ragnor to ensure that the prince matures and becomes the king his people deserve, not the frail prince he is. The young prince appoints Askeladd and Thorkell as his retainers, and Thorfinn as his bodyguard.

In the meantime, King Sweyn had ordered Prince Canute’s murder to prevent Prince Harold, Canute’s brother, from inheriting the throne itself. Additionally, King Sweyn had sent both princes to war because he did not want to relinquish the throne just yet. To put an end to the suffering caused by King Sweyn’s subjugations across the continent, Askeladd and Thorkell agreed to declare a truce and follow Prince Canute. They must always be on guard as they deliver a safe and sound Canute to the King’s royal council.

To keep a promise he made to Helga and Ylva, Leif sets out to locate Thorfinn and bring him home via sea and land crossings. Eventually, he meets Thorfinn, and just as he is about to persuade him to go back home, Askeladd loses it all due to an outburst and King Sweyn’s murder, and Thorfinn rushes to Askeladd’s rescue. Canute successfully ends Askeladd’s convincing rampage and establishes his right to the throne. Thorfinn’s fury is accepted by Canute, who ascends to the throne and banishes him from the court. As the first season of “Vinland Saga” comes to a close, the guards prevent Thorfinn from going near Askeladd’s lifeless body.

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Where to Watch Vinland Saga?

“Vinland Saga” was available for streaming on platforms like Netflix. However, the availability of shows on streaming platforms can change, and new services may have acquired the rights since then.

Always use official and legal sources to watch content to support the creators and ensure a high-quality viewing experience.


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