Is Peter Frampton Sick? The Grammy-Winning Guitarist Hits the Road Again Despite His Illness

The rock musician claims to have a fresh sense of direction and was motivated to launch a research foundation.

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Peter Frampton’s Disease

Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) is a rare and crippling ailment that rock guitarist and singer Peter Frampton has been battling for a long time. IBM, a degenerative and progressive muscle disease mostly affecting the skeletal muscles, was first identified in 2014. Frampton’s ability to play the guitar and perform live has been greatly hampered by this ailment.

Muscle weakness that occurs gradually and impairs muscle coordination and movement are hallmarks of inclusion body myositis. Those who have IBM face a lifetime of challenges because there is presently no known cure. Notwithstanding the physical constraints imposed by the illness, Peter Frampton has exhibited incredible bravery and perseverance when faced with hardship.

is peter frampton sick

In Baltimore, where Frampton sought a diagnosis, Dr. Lisa Christopher-Stine, MD, of the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center. Dr. Christopher-Stine was expecting Frampton to be a haughty and entitled patient, but instead, he was kind, endearing, and unexpectedly engaging.

About Inclusion Body Myositis Disease

The rare and crippling illness known as inclusion body myositis (IBM) has been identified as affecting artist Peter Frampton. Like ALS, this illness results in muscular atrophy and weakening. Nevertheless, IBM is not lethal, in contrast to ALS, and has a greater survivability rate. The illness develops gradually and asymmetrically affects the quadriceps among other muscles. Due to muscle atrophy brought on by dexterity, a muscular condition that causes erratic movement, Frampton has had a weakening in his finger flexors as a guitarist. He dropped ten pounds because of muscle atrophy, which is not good for a musician.

Frampton has not encountered this issue, however, some IBM patients have trouble swallowing. There is continuous discussion on the disease’s cause, but it affects about 30,000 Americans. Immunosuppressants and corticosteroids, two medications used to treat autoimmune diseases, rarely work against IBM.

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Early Life

In the Kentish town of Beckenham, Peter Frampton was born on April 22, 1950. He studied classical guitar for several years after picking up the instrument at the age of eight.


Played with rock & roll combos including the Little Ravens, the Trubeats, and the Preachers (the latter managed by Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman and featured on the TV series Ready, Steady, Go) in his early teens. Frampton experienced his first taste of success when he left school in 1966 to join the mod-pop group The Herd.

is peter frampton sick

The Herd had a string of successful British singles in 1967 and 1968, and Frampton rose to prominence as a teenage heartthrob, being dubbed the “Face of 1968” by the music press. Together with former Small Faces leader Steve Marriott, Frampton departed the Herd in 1969 to establish the harder-rocking group Humble Pie. Even though Humble Pie was on the verge of success after two years of touring, Frampton left the band in 1971 due to disagreements over the direction of the music and decided to pursue a solo career.

About the Newest Album

Peter Frampton talked about the Never EVER Say Never Tour, his most recent record updates on the webpage With great pleasure when he announced that additional dates for the new Never EVER Say Never Tour will be added in March and April of 2024!

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A prominent personality in the music business, Frampton’s candor regarding his health issues has encouraged others dealing with comparable ailments and increased awareness of IBM. Frampton has persisted in sharing his love of music despite the setbacks to his career, adjusting to his new situation and figuring out fresh methods to engage his listeners. His battle with Inclusion Body Myositis is a tribute to the human spirit’s capacity to persevere in the face of adversity.

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