Criminal Record Release Date: Apple TV+ Announces This New Criminal Series Arrival!

As Criminal Record prepares to premiere on Apple TV+ the following year, viewers can anticipate an exhilarating journey. Season one of this compelling drama series promises to engross viewers with its profound examination of societal issues and compelling plot, which revolves around a high-profile murder case and features an ensemble cast of exceptionally talented actors.

The series is slated to present a thought-provoking storyline that explores race, institutional breakdown, and the struggle for solidarity in a divided Britain. It will be directed by Shaun James Grant and Jim Loach, both of whom have won BAFTAs. An anticipatory and socially significant viewing experience is poised to unfold, ensuring that spectators remain captivated and glued to the screen. Unveil the forthcoming release date, compelling cast, and intricate plot of Criminal Records as you prepare to dive into its world.

Criminal Record Release Date

As previously announced by Apple TV Press, Criminal Record is scheduled to be released on 10 January 2024. Following their premiere, the initial two episodes will be made available weekly beginning on February 23rd.

Whether they desire to binge-watch the entire season or savor each episode every week, the adaptability of streaming enables viewers to engage with the program at their comfortable tempo.

The cast of Criminal Record 

criminal record release date

With their varied skill sets and authentic performances, the ensemble cast of Criminal Record consists of an extraordinarily disparate group of actors. Enthralling audiences with its compelling narrative, each member of the cast, from seasoned detectives to individuals entangled in the murder case, contributes significantly. Aysha Kala represents Sonya Singh, Tom Moutchi represents Errol Mathis, Charlie Creed-Miles represents DS Tony Gilfoyle, Peter Capaldi represents Detective Chief, Cush Jumbo represents June Lenker, Dionne Brown represents Detective Constable Chloe Summers, and Cathy Tyson represents Doris Mathis.

What Occurs Should A Criminal Record Come Out?

Two exceptional detectives are engaged in a high-stakes confrontation concerning an old murder case after an anonymous phone call acts as the impetus. A well-connected man who is hell-bent on safeguarding his established legacy contrasts with a young woman who is just beginning her career in law enforcement as one of the detectives.

The series explores significant societal concerns such as race, institutional shortcomings, and the arduous endeavor to reconcile divergent viewpoints in a polarized Britain, as its characters navigate the intricacies of the case.

Criminal Record endeavors to present a compelling and socially significant viewing experience through its narrative, which concurrently engrosses viewers in a murder investigation and provokes deep thought on these subjects.

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Could Criminal Record possibly have a trailer?

Truly, Apple TV+ has just unveiled a trailer for the film Criminal Record.


An exciting and socially significant viewing experience is anticipated with the impending premiere of the first season of Criminal Record. Using the convenience of streaming on Apple TV+, users can binge-watch the entire season or savor each episode weekly. With a series that is certain to leave a substantial imprint in the domain of crime dramas, the countdown to its premiere commences with eager anticipation.

We have every confidence that you are finally prepared to enjoy the season.

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