Five Year B.A., LL.B. (Honours) Course

Process and Manner of running the courses:-

The Course leading to either degree in Law unitary or an integrated double degree,shall be conducted in semester system is not less than 15 weeks for unitary degree course and not less than 18 weeks in double degree integrated course with not less than 30 class hours per week. The teaching load of Full-time faculty members and contractual or Part-time teachers shall be according to the norms prescribed by the BCI/UGC from time to time. The Session for the odd Semester shall run from July to December and for the even semester shall run from January to June.

Academic Standards and Courses to be studied:-

  1. English shall be the medium of instruction in both the integrated Five year and three year Law Courses.
  2. Total subjects in Liberal discipline in Integrated stream:-

    In integrated stream of Arts & Law, one has to take one major subject and two minor subjects or such number of compulsory paper/subject and each optional in law as the case may be from the specified area in addition to English taking into account the standard prescribed by the UGC/AICTE or any respective authority.

  3. Total number of Law subiects(Papers) in both the streams:-

    For regular Law Courses either in the three years unitary stream or under the integrated double degree stream, students have to take not less than twenty eight papers (Subject) in all which shall include-
    (i) 18 papers compulsory,
    (ii) 6 papers optional,
    (iii)4 papers clinical (Practical)
    When Honours/Specialized courses will be opened, there will be additional 8 (eight) papers.

Regulations of Examinations and Evaluation:-

The durations of the 3 year Law Courses is of Six Semester covering three academic year and the duration of 5 year integrated course is of ten Semesters covering 5 academic years. The Examination shall ordinarily be held at the end of every semester as per routine published by G.U.
The end Semester Examination will be for 80 marks of 3 hour duration in each paper out of total 100 marks except in practical papers.
The remaining 20 marks shall be on the basis of internal evaluation as shown below:

First Sessional Exam. = 5 marks
Second Sessional Exam = 5 marks
Viva-voce Exam. = 5 marks
Group discussion/Seminar = 5 marks.

Annual fees Structure:-

Eligible students must pay for two semester(One year) at one time for admission into any one of the courses as under-
(a) Five year B.A., LL.B. Course Rs. 20,000/-

Semester Wise Course Structer

Semister- 1 1.1—General English
1.2—Political Science-I (Political Orgn. & (Political Obligations)
1.3—Sociology-I/Economics-I (Principles, Concepts, Theories and Methods)
1.4—Family Law-I
Semister- 2 2.1—History-I (History of India with special emphasis on the history of Assam)
2.2—Political Science-II its principleS-State, Law & Sovereignty
2.3—Sociology-II (Indian Social System)/ Economics-II
2.4—Family Law-II
Semister- 3 3.1—History-II (Legal History)
3.2—Political Science-III (Indian/Constitution)
3.3—*Sociology-III (Law end Society)/ Economics-III
3.4—Law of Contract
3.5—Honours – 1 any one from following
1. Indian Federalism (CL group)
2. Criminal Psychology (CC group)
3. Trade Mark, Copy Right, Patents & Design (IPL group)
4. Corporate Governance (BL group)
Semister- 4 4.1—English Literature: Legal Writing, Legal Terms & Maxims
4.2—History-III (Legal and Constitutional History)
4.3—Major: Political Scierte-IV (International Relation & Organisations)/Sociology-IV(Sociology of Social Change)/ History-IV ( History of India-I (1750-1857)/Economics-IV
4.4—Special Contract
4.5—Honours – 2 any one from following:
1. Comparative Constitution (CL group)
2. Women & Criminal Law (CC group)
3. IT including Cyber Law (IPL group)
4. Direct Tax (BL group)
Semister- 5 5.1—Political Science-V (Political Thought)/ Sociology-V (Sociological Thought)/ History-V/Economics-V
5.2—Constitutional Law-I
5.3—Law of Tort incl. M.V Act. & Consumer Protection Laws
5.4—OP1-Land Laws Of Assam
5.5—Honours – 3 any one from following:
1. Human Right Law and Practise (CL group)**
2. Prison Administrative Including Jail Manual (CC group)
3. IPR Management (IPL group)
4. Indirect Tax Law (BL group)
Semister- 6 6.1—Major: Political Science-VI (Public Administration)/ Sociology-VI (Techniques of Social Research)/ History (History of India-II(1857-1947))/Economics-VI
6.2—Constitutional Law-II
6.3—Property Law
6.4—OP2-Research Mythology*
6.5—Honours – 4 any one from following:
1. Media & Law (CL group)**
2. Probation & Parole (CC group)
3. Patent Right Creation & Registration (IPL group)
4. Competition Law (BL group)
Semister- 7 7.1—Indian Penal Code
7.2—Criminal Procedure Code
7.4—0P3-Banking Law*/International Organisations.
7.5—P1-Alternate Dispute Resolution(Practical Paper)
7.6—Honours – 5 any one from following
1. Interpretation of Statute and Principles
2. Penology & Victimology (CC group)
3. Patent Drafting & Specification Writing (IPL group)
4. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law (BL group)
Semister- 8 8.1—Company Law
8.2—Law of Evidence
8.3—Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act.
8.4—Administrative Law
8.5—P2-Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing (Practical Paper)
8.6—Honours – 6 any one from following:
1. Right to Information (CL group)
2. Offence against Child and Juvenile Offences (CC group)
3. Biodiversity Protection (IPL group),
4. International Banking & Finance (BL group)
Semister- 9 9.1—Labour and Industrial Law-I
9.2—Environmental Law
9.3—Principles of taxation Law
9.4—0P4-International Labour Organization /Insurance Law
9.5—P3-Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System and Legal Aid Camp** (Practical Paper)
9.6—Honours – 7 any one from following :
1. Health Law (CL group)
2. White Collar Crime (CC group)
3. IPR Litigation in Trade Mark & Design (IPL group)
4. Legal Framework Coverning IPR (BL group)
Semister- 10 10.1—Labour and Industrial Law -II
10.2—Public International Law
10.3—OP5- Information Technology Law & Computer Application/International Environmental Law
10.4—Private International Law/ Equity and Trust/Customary Law of Assam*
10.5—P4-Moot Court & Internship (Practical Paper)
10.6—Honours – 6 any one from following
1. Citizenship & Emigration Law (CL group)
2. IT Offences (CC group)
3. IPR Litigation in Copyright & Patent (IPL group)
4. Business Ethics and Corporate and Social Responsibility (BL group)